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Welcome to OCH Editorial

'Experience emphasises that the more the author and the publisher put into a book. . . the better the results are likely to be.'

David & Charles, Authors' Guide

OCH Editorial has been established to provide editorial project management and related services. OCH Editorial can advise on and arrange the necessary specialist skills for all types of published written work.

OCH Editorial’s clients are a mix of publishing and non-publishing firms. OCH Editorial can provide help at any stage in the publishing process, bringing to bear many years of publishing experience and exacting professional standards. The services available cover a broad spectrum:

The aim is provide specialist assistance where the client is focused on other activities, or alternatively to augment existing in-house resources.

OCH Editorial is an associate member of the Publishers Association.

Read more about why editing matters and check out a list of questions to ask yourself when writing anything. Read about the company, and get in touch with your project.